What you can expect if you book this service:

  • A written assessment concerning the risk posed by the specified tree(s) to public safety and your building.
  • Identification of tree(s) including species name, dimensions, age etc.
  • An assessment of health, condition and the life expectancy of each specified tree with identification of any problems with accompanying relevant photographs.
  • A site map which clearly shows specified tree(s) location.
  • Assessment of status and significance of specified tree(s) with clear guidance on what next steps should be undertaken to obtain permission for the required maintenance works on such trees.
  • Recommendations on the type of maintenance work required on trees and future management with clear timescales for carrying out the work.
  • Information regarding restricted access to or on your site which would need to be taken into account by Arborists carrying out tree maintenance services (e.g presence and location of aerial utilities; high, medium, low density head stones).

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