Register and choose the service you want

Once you have registered with Maintenance Booker you can login and book the maintenance services currently offered.

Next Create your Job. The more information you can provide at this stage will enable MaintenanceBooker suppliers to provide you with a more accurate online quote for the service you want. 

MaintenanceBooker suppliers will also need you to provide any essential documents that are required e.g. letter of permission for tree maintenance from local authority; Full Faculty permission etc. For further guidance on permissions required all users are advised to check with their relevant support office. Church of England users should seek further guidance on church faculty permissions through their DAC and can also visit

Once you have provided the necessary information and created your job you can submit your request and expect to receive supplier quotes through MaintenanceBooker within the next 7 days.

If you have requested a Rainwater Goods Maintenance service you can apply for a Preventive Maintenance Micro Grant. If you are eligible this grant will fund 50% of the cost of your service.


Review your quote

You will have 30 days to compare quotes received from MaintenanceBooker suppliers and select your preferred quote/supplier.

Your preferred supplier will be notified through the MaintenanceBooker system once you have Accepted their quote.

Suppliers will aim to deliver quotes as accurately as possible based on the information you can provide through the MaintenanceBooker system but please note that the final cost may differ from the initial quote given as a result of site conditions e.g building complexity or restricted site access.


Book job

Once you have accepted a supplier quote on MaintenanceBooker your preferred supplier will then contact you directly to finalise the delivery of your requested service e.g. agree a date for the service to take place and site access arrangements etc.


Step 4 - Review and pay supplier

Following the supplier site visit and completion of the work you should receive a service report and invoice from the supplier via the MaintenanceBooker system. The service report will contain notes, photographs (if possible) and recommendations for any further work required. If you are satisfied with the supplier’s work you can then proceed to pay their invoice. If you have been awarded a Preventative Maintenance Micro Grant by the National Churches Trust you can alert the Trust that you have paid your invoice via the MaintenanceBooker system and subsequently receive your grant.

Recommendations for further work as detailed in the supplier’s service report can be submitted through the MaintenanceBooker system and quotes obtained as in steps 1 and 2.