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Keeping masonry and mortar in good condition and using appropriate materials for any necessary repairs is crucial to the structural and visual integrity of a building. Masonry is susceptible to various forms of deterioration, especially at the mortar joints. Defective masonry and mortar can be caused by problems elsewhere in your building, including leaking gutters or roofs and rising damp. Inappropriate use of cementitious mortar can also cause substantial damage to an historic building. If not dealt with, defective masonry and/or mortar can contribute to structural problems and damp penetration, which can incur expensive repair costs. 

Our Masonry Maintenance/Repairs and Lime Mortar Repointing service will ensure that any identified defects are fixed before they worsen. MaintenanceBooker contractors have been selected via a rigorous tender process, to ensure that they are suitably experienced and qualified to undertake repairs at churches and historic buildings using the correct techniques and approach. We strongly recommend that a conservation architect is involved in preparing the schedule of works.

The required maintenance/repairs should have been identified in a recent Quinquennial Inspection Report or condition survey of your building. The Supplier may need to conduct a site visit prior to providing a quote, in order to familiarise themselves with the value, function and properties of any damaged masonry and the general condition of the masonry and mortar as identified for repair by the user.

A Masonry Maintenance/Repairs and Lime Mortar Repointing service could include but is not limited to the following:

  • Replacements of stone units - descaling stone, dismantling masonry for reuse
  • Removal of plant growths from masonry
  • Pointing/Repointing/Plastering using a Lime mortar mix carefully chosen in order to maintain the historic interest of the building, its structural integrity, and its appearance

Find out how to apply for a grant to help to pay for your Masonry Maintenance/Repairs and Lime Mortar Repointing service by visiting our Grants page now.

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