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11 May 2017
Janet Edmond

It’s exciting to report that MaintenanceBooker has been gaining popularity since it was launched at the end of February. There have been more than 60 registrations to date and the first few gutter clearance jobs booked with the MaintenanceBooker suppliers will take place in early June in Sheffield. Watch this space for more information on these jobs as they happen.

If you haven’t yet visited the website, take a look at and explore the grants and services we have on offer before you register. If your place of worship needs a gutter clean don’t forget to apply for the Preventative Maintenance Micro-Grant which will pay for 50% of your Rainwater Goods Maintenance service. Take advantage of this excellent grant opportunity while it still exists in Yorkshire and save money.

Top tips

  • First register for MaintenanceBooker to receive your unique login details. Now you are ready to log in to the MaintenanceBooker website to create your job.
  • Have a go at estimating the guttering meterage of your place of worship or building. You can do this by looking at a scale plan of your building; measuring the outside of your building with a tape measure where gutters are visible or simply just measure your stride and pace around your building! The supplier can give you a more accurate quote if you can supply these measurements when you are creating your job on MaintenanceBooker.
  • Walk around your building and count the number of downpipes and drainpipes you can see. This information will also help the supplier quote more accurately.
  • Gather together any images or relevant documents you have regarding your building which you can digitally attach to your job request for the supplier.
  • And don’t forget to apply for a Preventative Maintenance Micro-Grant while the opportunity is still open and save money!

Good luck!